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At the very outset of my expression, I prostrate my great motherland. My sensitive emotions flow towards the future of new generation where talented, mudslinging and down-trodden guises are wondering hither and thither without career-oriented education that's why, I made a natural plan for the entire upliftment of them. The motto and principle of my life is the complete betterment of the darken field of the society. Only the cultured technical educational can overcome this menace of unemployment and berriers of development.

It is known to me that this is the pious land of Lord Krishna who preaches to the human beings and great characters of the world for the superb duties to do on the earth because action is my duty but reward is not concerned to me. So I would like just keep on fighting with the corrupt souls and evils.

I never thought about the achievements of momentous wealth through educational pomp and show. I always walked on the path of truth, non-violence, world fraternity and honesty. I never compromised with fake promises.

My inner state ambition attains the path of providing unique education beyond the periphery of temptation of money, name and fame at all. I am alive on the basis of blessings of my God and God's created the biggest souls which is definitely my own wealth and prosperity because I believe in social welfare and in the existence of God.

At last, remind my heart touching and loving students who are blossoming in the temple of education that they never forget their respected parents and venerated teachers in their whole of the life.

SH. H. K. Bhadoria

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